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What to expect when you call Masters Home Inspections...

Congratulations!  Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience and we are equally excited to
assist you through the home inspection process.  Our goal is to make this a stress-free
experience.  Here is some general information regarding the home inspection process and what
you can expect as you work through this process.  We encourage you to contact us so we have an
opportunity to answer all of your questions.

Scheduling The Inspection...

Once the real estate contract gets ratified, you typically have a specific amount of time
available to complete a home inspection.  Every contract is different so consult with your agent
regarding these specific timelines.  When you contact us, we will work to secure a time and
day that works best for your schedule.  We do have weekend and evening options available so
rest assure that we will likely be able to accommodate your requests.  

Once the inspection is scheduled, the agents will need to confirm that the date and time
chosen will work for all those involved in the transaction.  This is usually a simple process and
generally does not require rescheduling.

The Home Inspection...

This process is a great opportunity to really dig into the quality of the home.  Expect to learn
about the current conditions, the working features of the home and where issues may lie.  We
highly recommend and encourage participation during the home inspection process.  In
general, this is a basic list of what the inspection entails:

•Exterior walls, trim and structural components
•Foundations and crawlspaces
•Decks, porches and balconies
•Site grading, drainage, downspouts and guttering systems
•Roof shingles, roof vents, vent pipes, chimneys and flashing
•Attic spaces, roof framing, roof sheathing and insulation
•All interior rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and other livable spaces
•All doors and windows
•Basement, laundry area and storage spaces
•Mechanical components, HVAC equipment, plumbing systems and hot water heaters
•Electrical service, outlets and electrical panel

As a member of a professional organization, American Society of Home Inspectors, we are
required to follow a
standard of practice regarding home inspection procedures.  I encourage
you to view the standard which will provide additional insight as to what is required during the
inspection process.


At the conclusion of the inspection, we will meet to discuss any findings and to answer any
questions you may have.  Additionally, you will receive a very detailed and well outlined report
which will disclose the findings during the home inspection.  Our reporting software comes
with pictures and summary reports which provide for easy interpretation.  Once you get the
report, you will consult with your agent to determine the best course of action as you proceed
with the purchase of your home.  
Click here to view a sample report in PDF format.
Masters Home Inspections LLC.
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Westminster, Maryland 21158
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that matter to you.
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