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About Masters Home Inspections, LLC.  

My name is Jason Masters, owner of Masters Home Inspections, LLC.  We are a fully
licensed and insured home inspection company located in Westminster, Maryland.  
We are prepared to serve clients within the general vicinity, neighboring counties and
across the state of Maryland.  

I think you may find my experience to be rather unique.  My belief is that most people
enter into this business with an extensive background in the construction industry.  
While I do have years of home improvement experience, my predominant
background comes from over fifteen years in the fire and rescue service.  Having this
background has allowed me to gain significant knowledge in areas specific to this
type of work such as; extensive understanding of structural elements and issues,
building construction and how to ensure a safe environment.  In addition, it has
allowed me to grasp required traits such as; the ability to pay high attention to detail,
the ability to interact with a broad range of people within various environments and
the benefit of providing a detailed assessment of a given problem or situation.  
Together I believe this offers a very good mix of experience and expertise needed to
provide a high quality and professional service to my clients.

My opinion is that the home inspection process, in its entirety, is of significant benefit
to the home buyer.  Purchasing a new home is likely one of the biggest investments
anyone will make.  The information gained from this service is priceless and will
ultimately help you protect your new investment.  While my job is to report on the
current conditions of the structural components, mechanical components and
systems related to the property, I do place a high emphasis on educating the client
so they can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of their new home.  
This is achieved by conducting a thorough inspection and providing a detailed report
outlining areas that may be of concern or areas that may be in need of corrective

Along with each report my client will receive a packet of information at the time of
their inspection.  This packet contains valuable information regarding the specifics of
a home inspection and what they can expect from the service they have paid for.  
Additionally, I provide each client with information regarding home safety tips, basic
home maintenance tips and information regarding Radon and Carbon Monoxide,
again with the purpose of educating each client I serve.

I thank you in advance for confidently choosing Masters Home Inspections, LLC. to
fulfill your home inspection requests.  Please contact us today with questions about
our service or to schedule your home inspection appointment.  
Jason Masters,
owner of
Masters Home Inspections, LLC.

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